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Are you interested what we are thinking about WWE Champions game? We have a review for it below!

WWE: Champions Game Review: A Perfect Game For Wrestling Lovers

If you like watching wrestling matches then you will surely enjoy playing WWE: Champions online game. It is a puzzle RPG that consists of popular wrestlers like Macho Man Randy Savage, The Rock, Ultimate Warrior, Undertaker, and many more. In this game, you have to match rows of gems to make a match of three or more. This can be done by swapping two adjacent gems in the right order. Each gem represents energy, which can be collected if matched properly.

Listed below are some important aspects of the WWE: Champions game. So, before you enter the brutal world of WWE, read these features:

  • You can enjoy the one-on-one match or the wrestling matches in teams.
  • Once you acquire certain amount of energy, you can use it to activate special attacks.
  • Some battles in the campaign mode can only be played by using special characteristics like powerhouse or showboat.
  • Ensure that you use health packs in between the battles to heal the players as once the battle is over, the wrestler won’t be able to heal their health back.
  • You can procure health packs by reaching new levels or by purchasing them from the game store.
  • The battles have three tiers of loot, which are gold, bronze, and silver. Each of them represents numerous rewards earned.
  • You will come across several missions that have varying degrees of complexity. Some of these missions are leveling a superstar, defeating a fixed amount of opponents, making use of a specific item, and much more.
  • Once you complete five missions, you will earn a mission bag, which contains a group of items.
  • Cash and Coins are the two currencies of the game. Coins can be used for upgrading your superstars. These can be bought from Appstore and Googleplay store, or simply you can use our WWE Champions hack which will generate your desired amount of coins and cash easily!
  • You will come across various arenas and opponents in the game. Some avenues require wrestlers with certain skills, so check them out before selecting. Also, you can come back later and select a particular career avenue.

Develop a strong team

Building a team of strong wrestlers is important for beginners to make progress faster. It is important for players to choose the best wrestlers to develop a team. Many classes of wrestlers are available in the game, and that’s why you should try to know them. After this, try to choose the wrestler from every class to manage your team in an efficient manner. Players should also try to level up the wrestlers with the help of spending coins. Instead of wasting your time or efforts, you should spend coins to make your wrestlers better.

Join a faction

While playing WWE Champions Cheats, you can find several factions that are considered as the groups of human players. You can see a faction button available on the bottom of the screen. You should check the list of the recommended factions and choose the one smartly to join it. Always look for a faction where the other members also have a similar level as you.

With the help of joining the faction, you can get help from the fellow member to heal your wrestlers. You can also heal the wrestlers of other players in order to help them. You may know that it is really difficult to get health packs. Instead of wasting your cash, you can join a faction to get help from other players.

Get advantage of free loot

During the matches, you can easily get the free loot in order to take its advantages. After every four hours, you can get free loot in the form of rewards, including TP posters, wrestler posters, and health packs. Sometimes, these loots also contain cash and coins that you can claim and use them later to make the most out of them. Players should also turn on the notifications so that they can easily come to know about the loot.  In this way, they can easily claim it and get better rewards to make progress faster.

After reading the aforesaid details, you are able to perform better during the tasks. Try to remember all these details and then make a good strategy to win over the opponents.

Add wrestlers to your roaster

If you are a WWE fan for a long time, then you may find this game interesting and enjoyable. Here, you will get a task to manage the different types of wrestlers across different eras. Most of the beginners are still confused about beefing up their roasters. They should learn the methods to add wrestlers to the roasters. Whenever you take part in a match, then it is important to perform better in order to win.

When you win a match, then you will be rewarded with a poster of the wrestler. You may also get some duplicate posters, but you should use them to level up finishers. You should also consider the option of free loot in order to get the wrestler posters. In addition to this, players can also make use of cash to buy boosters. Players can also spend chips to get these posters for adding wrestlers to the roasters.

Replay some matches

WWE Champions also allow players to replay previous matches, and it is one of the amazing features. If you are considering this option, then you can easily earn a good number of coins, props, and other items. You should always replay the matches in which you have earned only one or two stars.

With the help of your improved team of superstars, you can perform better during these matches, and it will help you to gain some prizes. If you have finished any level before then, you can also play it again to get the briefcase. Getting three stars at every level will also help to unlock the other difficulty level.

Make improvements to your wrestlers

While playing the game, it becomes important for players to improve their wrestlers to enhance the power of their team. You should always start working on at least one class, and then you can take your steps forward. First of all, level up the superstars by spending your coins. It is also crucial to make improvements to the special moves of the wrestlers. It requires cash and tokens to level up your wrestlers in the game.

  1. Try to match 4 gems

While solving the puzzles, you should match gems to do damages to your opponents. If you are matching four gems, then it will help to do more damages. And that’s why players should always look for four gems to take advantage.  In addition to this, you should also try to create combos and chains to get the most out of them. Whenever you begin to match the gems, you should look for 4 gems in order to match them for clearing the entire row.

  1. Loot boxes

During the matches, you can easily find some random loot boxes scattered on the board. You should try to match three of these in order to increase the loot box counter. You shouldn’t focus on these boxes without having enough moves to do so. If you are running out of your moves, then it is better to ignore these boxes and move forward in the game. The loot boxes which you will acquire from it will only give you some coins. Instead of worrying about the loot boxes, it is better to focus on taking down the opponents and clearing the level.

  1. Complete the missions

Plenty of missions can be easily found in the game to which you need to focus. If you are trying to complete several missions available in the game, then you are able to earn cash. It is a premium currency that is required at every stage for making progress. Once you have completed the missions, you can get a mission bag that will give you a lot of goodies. You can get help from these goodies during the matches. Try to open more mission bags to claim your rewards.

  1. Upgrade your team

In order to defeat your enemies, you need to develop a strong team of superstars. Before going to start developing a team, players should know about the different classes of superstars out there. Try to get a superstar of every class in your team. It is not enough to develop a strong team because players should also try to upgrade the team to enhance its power. With the help of WWE Champions Hack, players can easily win over the opponents and get better rewards.

Overall, WWE: Champions is an interesting game that can be enjoyed during short breaks. So, get ready to form a super team with your friends to take over the world of WWE: Champions!

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