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Merge Dragons Hack – Dragon Gems Cheats 2021

Merge Dragons is an amazing match-3 puzzle game, which gives you a tour of an endless enchanting world that is full of dragons and other creatures. It is an ideal game for those players who enjoy match-3 puzzles and also love games with a beautiful storyline because Merge Dragons is a blend of both. If you wish to know more about Merge Dragons, then read the below-mentioned features, as they cover everything important about the game.

Magic Coins And Stone Bricks:

Magic Coins are an important game currency, which can be used to buy dragon eggs or construct broken coin vaults. You can earn Magic Coins by performing a series of tasks displayed under Goals. Moreover, you can also earn Magic Coins by merging or harvesting fruits in the game and by using tools like Merge Dragon Hack.

Stone Bricks can be found by harvesting living stones and by tapping stone storages. You can use them to construct most of the buildings or to buy reward chests. It is difficult to earn these currencies, so gaming professionals have suggested a simple way to get Stone Bricks in good amounts, which is by using Merge Dragons Cheats.

Dragon Gems:

They are the premium currency of Merge Dragons game, and they will help you in progressing quickly. Dragon Gems can be used for lots of purposes such as; skipping repetitive quests, opening dimensional jars, and purchasing dragon eggs, dragon nests, etc.

You can get a limited amount of Dragon Gems by merging Dragon Gem Stone, Giant Dragon Gem Stone, and Insane Dragon Gem Stone, which is actually very rare. The other choice you are left with is buying Dragon Gems by spending real money. However, with Merge Dragon Hack, you can instantly harvest ample amounts of Dragon Gems for your game and succeed quickly.

Different Dragons:

The game features over 40 different dragons, which can be unlocked as and when you level up in the game. The best part of the game is that you can see and help your dragon in evolving from a small egg to a fully grown dragon. In order to do so, you will have to complete lots of mini-quests, which will help them in growing up. Everything in the game grows and turns into something more beautiful when merged. So, in order to make your dragon bigger, you will have to merge three same kinds of dragons together.

Innumerable Puzzles:

The game contains of more than 180 different levels, which can be completed in order to receive awesome rewards. These levels can be replayed again and again to get a better score and to earn better rewards. Any level if played for three times will let you earn a reward chest, which will have hidden items that you can discover.

Quest System:

You can complete over 900 different quests in the game, where each of the quests has a certain reward that can be unlocked on completion. These quests consist of small activities or errands, which you can complete in order to get important stuff. Further, these items can be used in order to raise your dragons and build your dragon camp.

Simplified Controls:

Unlike other match-3 puzzle games where the objects can be moved only to a limited extent, Merge Dragons will let you move the puzzle pieces anywhere; thus, giving you more room to merge things. You can move different puzzle pieces simply by dragging and dropping them at their desired position.

Vast Storyline:

Merge Dragons game provides an impressive experience due to its storyline; where the evil Zomblins have cast a void in the dragon kingdom and you have to restore the land and take back the kingdom. You can take control of an entire dragon camp, which you can decorate as per your preferences. Also, here you can breed different dragons in order to merge them to create a grown up dragon.

In short, Merge Dragons game will need loads and loads of in-game currencies to merge several dragons, so that you have a powerful team to play. The easiest way to generate plenty of in-game currencies is by using Merge Dragons cheats, so use them and have an enjoyable experience.

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27 thoughts on “Merge Dragons

  1. I have been playing this for only a short time and I can’t find gems. Real money isn’t an option to get these gems so I hope this works.

  2. Thank you so much for making such an amazing game. It truly is absolutely addicting and I cannot get enough of it. I really like how there is always something to do in the game and you can never get bored.

  3. Love this game! It’s very addictive! Would like to keep playing and achieve getting all the wonders and all my land healed. More gems would help with my efforts!

  4. I love merge dragons! It’s so relaxing and a great game to wind down to, even though I can’t put it down! I have so many chests saved up for merging over and over again. Want this hack to work to open my chests!

  5. I love playing this game so much more rewarding than most games. Calms and relaxes me down after being at work all day . To be able to play it even more would be amazing,I would love to receive the hack.

  6. I love this game! It’s fun and keeps me entertained when I’m bored. My kids are getting into this game too since they watch me play. I would like this hack to work to open my chests that I’m accumulating and taking up space in my camp. (Fingers crossed this works, I need it)

  7. I’m honestly addicted to this game, it’s a nice time filler! I hope they update again soon since I’m out of levels to play so I just harvest my camp

  8. This game is so addictive. I love playing this game. I love when new adventures come out. Online only events are fun. I like that you can sell duplicates.

  9. I love this game. Keeps me occupied for hours. I love the beautiful colors. I get excited to continue merging just to see what is the next thing I discover will be. I get disappointed when I’ve reached the black box of no more merging that item. I really need more jams to see what other discoveries are waiting for me.

  10. I’m very disappointed in this merge dragon hack. It says I only have to complete 2 apps. I have completed lords Mobile run for 30 seconds several times, castle clash past peasant level 1, Disney heroes complete level 10, and I heart radio listen to Ron burgandy podcast. That’s 4 completed and it still wont give me my cheat resources.

  11. I love this game it’s so fun and i enjoy it a lot but i
    can’t complete the events anytime 😂
    I wish it will work…I mean the cheat…
    Cuz in my country it’s unavoidable to pay any cost…I can’t buy things in dollars or euro…
    And I can’t wait to try this cheat and earn some jams to play it more easily and enjoyable:)

  12. This game is great . I play it every day and have a hard time putting the phone down. Highly recommend playing this to anyone interested in trying something new or even just a way to pass the time.

  13. I love merge dragons. I play it after work and it’s so relaxing. It’s amazing to just sit and chill with. I can’t seem to put it down! I have so many chests but no means of opening them so I hope this works

  14. Merge dragons is an awesome game. It is very addictive. Merge dragons can be played by the whole family. Use this hack to get gems to see your drgaon family grow. That is what i want to do. I wish there was the ability to choose which gifts we could send our friends. The graphis in merge dragons keeps me coming back to play iver and iver agin

  15. I’m really struggling to get gems, so this would be great! Although the game does suck my time away. It’s so fun I start playing and lose all track! My family wants to eat, but here I am, playing with dragons! Love it!

  16. I have grown to love Merge Dragons. I seem to spend loads of time playing the game and always trying to enlarge my camp and inventory. However, if I were able to make this cheat work for me I would be able to make speedier improvements. I work in a cubicle at an agency and wait all day to play edge dragons. I feel as if I could have this tool work properly on my iPhone I would get better use out of the game and also stay hooked to it without losing any interest from being discouraged.

  17. Enjoy playing this game! Wish Gems were easier to acquire besides actual currency purchase. Maybe points, coins or bricks could be exchanged for gems in some fashion.

    All in all, I really do have fun playing this game…even when I mess up on my merges. Lol

  18. Love Merge Dragons! The problem is the more you play the harder it is go get gems… much much harder, even going back and playing 1-Chalice levels over and over. One feature I’ve found nice is to use the settings to stop accidental merges! Especially during timed levels when it’s easier to make mistakes. This haack is amazing and it works

  19. Love Merge Dragons! The problem is the more you play the harder it is go get gems… much much harder, even going back and playing 1-Chalice levels over and over. One feature I’ve found nice is to use the settings to stop accidental merges! Especially during timed levels when it’s easier to make mistakes. This haack is amazing and it works

  20. Love playing this game but hate waiting on gems. Was buying them but my husband found out so I had to stop…ooops. I really hope this works so I can keep playing it!! I love the ease of the game it so relaxing, great way to unwind!!

  21. I love this game. It is calming, addictive and relaxing. I have learned that the more objects that you merge creates more items. When I first started to play this game there were no events but as I continue to play you added them and they are fun and challenging. I know that the game will be easier if I had more gems to open my chests. I am looking forward to opening the big chest in my camp. Thank you for this wonderful game. I just found this site and I am hopeful that this works like you say. Thank you.

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