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Matchington Mansion Hack – Generate Unlimited Coins For Any Device

If you are a fan of Match-3 puzzle games and are also interested in designing the interiors of a mansion, then Matchington Mansion is an ideal game for you. In this game, you need to play plenty of Match-3 puzzles in order to collect numerous pieces of furniture for decorating your mansion as per your needs. If you want to beat other players in Matchington Mansion game and be the envy of your friends, then you can do that by reading our review as it will give you insights on everything important about the game.



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In-Game Currencies – Cons And Stars:

Coins are the main currency, which are required to purchase different furniture and decorative items in the game. Stars are another type of in-game currency, which are essential to replace the existing set of furniture, unlocking new furnishings, cleaning debris, etc. Coins and Stars can be earned by completing lots of monotonous and repetitive story mission tasks and can be used to redecorate your mansion. Coins are also required for buying power-ups, which would enhance your game. You can play a series of Match-3 puzzle games in order to earn Coins and Stars or you can simply use Matchington Mansion Cheats, which will allow you to earn required amount of Coins and Stars in an instant.


They are the most important component in the game as you need them to replay the puzzles, in case you fail in the previous attempt. Initially, you will not know the importance of Hearts as the series of puzzles will be much simpler, but as you level up, the puzzles will be more complicated and you will frequently require Hearts. They are automatically generated over a period of time or can be bought with real money. If you don’t like to wait and don’t wish to spend money then you can get Hearts by using Matchington Mansion Hack, which is absolutely safe and free.

Engaging Story:

There are lots of match-3 puzzle games available on pocket devices but the aspects that make Matchington Mansion game standout is its engaging storyline. Right from the time you enter into the mansion, you will meet lots of different characters that will help you in restoring the mansion to its former glory. You will also have a series of tasks at hand, which can be completed for rewards. This will give you an idea of how the storyline will progress. In this game, your main aim will be to redecorate your mansion by replacing old furniture with new ones and in doing so you will unlock lots of hidden secrets of the mansion.


Boosters are special tokens that can be used to complete tough puzzles. There are different types of boosters available to the players in the game, so choose your boosters wisely as you can choose only three boosters at a time. Boosters can be purchased from the game menu or can be found in the game. For instance; if you make four of a kind, then you will get a firecracker, which will destroy an entire row and column in which it is placed. Innumerable amount of Boosters can be generated with the help of Matchington Mansion Cheats and that too with no hassle.

Neighbors And Co-operative Gameplay:

Neighbors are your friends who play Matchington Mansion with you. You can frequently visit your neighbor’s mansion in order to check their progress and draw references from their designs. You can also enjoy the benefits of co-operative gameplay with your friends where you can ask them for furniture instead of purchasing it. You can also share free gifts such as Hearts, Coins, and other items with your friends on daily basis and receive return gifts from them.

So, players who have always dreamt of having an extravagant mansion for themselves should start playing Matchington Mansion game right away. However, to decorate the mansion with expensive furnishings, you will require plenty of in-game currencies and for acquiring them instantly, you can make use of the Matchington Mansion hack.

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18 thoughts on “Matchington Mansion

  1. So helpful! Some of these levels seem impossible without a little extra help. And my hubby would kill me if I kept spending money on a game! Thanks!

    1. I have been playing this for a while and it seems like the levels are endless! I can’t imagine ever finishing. Some of the levels have taken me many attempts to complete. And earning coins is tedious. I will grow old and still never see a completed mansion.

  2. Great tips and it has helped me when I tried to just quit and delete the entire game. Love the game it is so
    Something I look forward to playing at the end of a long day.

  3. This game is addictive and I run out of coins all the time so I just want to be able to have unlimited coins and play nonstop I’m on level 156 so I’m killing it thank you this game rocks

  4. I love playing this game but to win coins is really hard and so with the stars. I love decorating houses and remodeling them. It’s so nice to have a lot of resources in order to make your house beautiful. This game is so exciting and I can’t stop playing it that is why I need more coins and hearts,

  5. This game is so addictive and I love playing and decorating the different things and additional rooms.

  6. I love machington mansion because the gameplay and storyline makes it so much more interesting than all the similar games in the app store right now . It’s very fun but challenging . Currently stuck on level 256 for the past few days and stumbled upon this website looking for a way to beat it. Im starting to like this website, the add coins option is what im trying to get right now so hopefully it works , seeing lots of positive reviews so fingers crossed they work !

  7. This game is so dope! I’m on level 540 something lol it’s my addiction. When in need of passing time come get hooked on this game. You won’t be disappointed. In need of more coins though and I dislike the fact that rooms can expire so I missed my penthouse but did get my train station. How can I get my penthouse?

  8. I love love Love Matchington mansion!! It’s addicting and I play every spare moment I have!
    I just need more coins and unlimited lives. I’ve made it to almost level 500 without any cheats. But I’m finding it harder to pass levels. I hope this works so I can play continuously!

  9. Really like this game & ive became addicted to it. Only thing i wish was different was the fact that we have to spend money to actually enjoy the game. Its annoying because i would like to complete the game much faster to see my mansion is all lol but on another note, once again the game in itself its great, fun & VERY addictive

  10. Most addicted game …I can’t have patience to complete the game that’s why I used this tool …and it’s great thanks for stars and coins.

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