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Forge Of Empires Hack – It’s Time For 10k Diamonds

Forge Of Empires is a strategy based game where you need to create your own city and manage it from the Stone Age to the Modern Age. It is an interesting game as you have complete control on the buildings that needs to be placed in your cities, unlike the typical genre games where placement is done automatically, so you may need Forge Of Empires hack to make the game easier!

Growing Your City:

You need to build innumerable structures to grow your city. Residential buildings have to be constructed for increasing human resources, which will thereby be used to construct other buildings. Cultural and Decoration Buildings need to be constructed for providing happiness to your residents. This will help in increasing their productivity. You need to construct Military Buildings so that you can recruit units for the army force. Production and Goods Building will help you to generate important resources that can be used in growing your city.


You will require innumerable resources for growing your city. Generating resources needs time and special attention. You need to regularly sign in the game to collect resources from each building. If you do not collect them on time then they will get spoilt. This will lead to a lot of loss. However do not worry about that, because you can simply use Forge Of Empires Hack to get Diamonds and Coins.

Town Hall:

For accurate functioning, all buildings in your city should be connected to the Town Hall. The best way to connect them is through roads. So, it is vital to prepare your city’s layout in such a manner that even if you expand or shuffle, each building will stay connected to the Town Hall.

Expanding Your City:

If you want to achieve success in the game, you need to expand the borders of your city. By expanding, you will be able to build Great Buildings; thus, making your game character earn bonuses. In each age, you can earn unique bonuses that will help you to sustain the growth of population. By expanding, you will also be able to build some more Resource Buildings. You can expand your city by using Coins, Diamonds, or Medals which can be easily acquired with Forge Of Empires Hack. Expansion spaces can also be earned as rewards by researching various technologies. However, before using these rewarded expansion spaces, you need to purchase them by using Coins. If you want to purchase expansions without researching, then buy them with Medals and Diamonds.

Coins, Diamonds, and Medals:

You can earn Coins from Residential buildings, by completing various quests, and by providing support to other players with your troops. Diamonds can be acquired by using real world money or with Forge Of Empires Cheats. To procure Medals, you need to win tournament matches against opponents. Moreover, by participating in tournaments, you can even win Leadership Points, which will determine your rank in those events.

Population And Happiness:

You can increase the population of your city by constructing more number of houses or Great Buildings. The civilians will help you in creating Military and Resource Buildings. With the growth in population, you will have to increase happiness too. So, it is necessary to construct Cultural Buildings, which will keep the people of your city satisfied. Happy citizens will work harder for you and pay more taxes; thus increasing production and income.

If they work real hard, then you will even receive 20% bonus of Gold and Supplies. Moreover, you will even earn 20% more points for tournaments and your overall score will grow quickly. As you keep progressing in the game, there will be a shortage of space in your city. So, an easy way to keep your people happy is by upgrading the roads. This will help you in increasing their happiness without losing valuable space.

Types Of Units:

In each Age, you will come across five different Military Buildings that produce varied units of that particular Age. These units differ in many ways.

  • Fast Units: Their range of movement is excellent, but they cannot take much damage.
  • Light Units: They are well-known as an all-rounder in the game. They have a fast speed and they cause good damage to the opponent. Moreover, they can even withstand a lot of damage.
  • Heavy Units: These units have a slow speed; but are heavily armored. At close combats, they can outmatch all other units.
  • Ranged Units: The Ranged Units can attack from a distance and can cause significant damage. However, they cannot defend themselves well, so they end up becoming easy prey for all other units.
  • Artillery Units: These units are very slow and have an extremely weak defense. The only advantage of using these units is that they can cover the entire battle map with their attack. In addition to this, they can even selectively attack almost every unit; irrespective of the Age. If a player makes use of several Artillery units then they can get out without getting damaged.

All in all, The Forge Of Empires is an engrossing game that will let you live in various Ages. The game has earned 4 out of 5 stars on the rating chart, so give it a try right away!

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